American Monster

Fiction Novel by Joyce Massola

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We love to hear from you and introduce you to the list of books which we present. Our titles are very unique as they all present Fiction of all genres. We understand the feel authors have for their books and so we treat them with the same importance. Our process starts from reading your book and getting to know your background to editing, publishing, distributing and marketing. We are committed to keeping our authors involved throughout the whole process.

Colosseum Publishing is based in the United States. We love to work with authors all around the world specifically those presenting unique stories with different backgrounds and cultures.


Colosseum Publishing is a home for authors all across the world. Our vision is to publish the work of great minds, titles that bring great deal of entertainment. Although we seldom look at different genres, Colosseum Publishing mainly focuses on Fiction of all kinds and ages. We use digital technology to distribute our e-books as we strive to make all our publications available worldwide.


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